Coffee with Gluten Free Bakery Girl

Annapolis Fork recently sat down for a Q&A with Tricia King of Gluten Free Bakery Girl. Check out our interview and give her gluten free goodies a try.

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What makes your company unique?

“I started baking gluten free 4yrs ago.  I am intolerant to wheat; it causes my joints to ache gives me and low energy. I thought, I am a pastry Chef, why I am I not baking my own gluten free goodies and breads? So I did a lot of research and started experimenting and coming up with my own recipes.

Now I specialize not only in gluten free but also dairy free, sugar free, and vegan goodies. I use the best ingredients and certified gluten free flours. I make everything from breads to wedding cakes. My main goal when baking gluten free goodies is that everyone can enjoy them, and so far I am on the right track with that, no one can believe it is gluten free.

Our motto is “Enjoy the sweet life of gluten free.”

What is your food background? 

“I learned all I know by being self-taught, learning from my mom and dad, doing internships, being the assistant and pastry chef at the Inn at Perry Cabin, owning a personal chef business, and designing menus for my customers.  I taught myself all about gluten-free baking; I studied, researched, and developed my own recipes and flour mixes. I design all my own flour mixes for each item I bake. Because I have such a passion for what I do, baking comes easy to me. I used to have a sandwich shop called Lazy Lunch and I did a small amount of gluten free baking there. In March, I decided to go completely gluten free and changed my business name to Gluten Free Bakery Girl.”

What do you do when you’re not baking?

“In my free time I enjoy kayaking and hiking and horseback riding. I am originally from Arizona, but love it here, so I stayed.”


Do you prefer to bake sweet or savory? 

“I do a lot of sweets but would really like to add more savory items such as quiches, cheese rolls, herb rolls, and sausage rolls. I do some of these already, but I need to carve out time to add more savory items.”

What are your most popular items?

“My most popular items are my breads, cinnamon rolls, sausage rolls, hand pies and turnovers. I bake a delicious Honey Oat bread.  People with gluten issues are so excited to be able to walk into a bakery designed just for them, so everything is a big hit.  ”

How do you share your passion for gluten free baking with others?

“In the winter I offer cooking classes. I teach pasta and ravioli making, cupcake baking, and how to cook full meals that can be made gluten free.  The latest menu and class schedule will be out soon.”

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What is you ultimate goal for Gluten Free Bakery Girl?

I want to share my experiences and knowledge and recipes with all of those that can’t have gluten anymore, whether it’s from gluten allergies and intolerance, from Celiac disease or Lyme disease, or other reasons.”

Where can people buy your goodies?

“You can purchase our goodies at our shop at 137 N Harrison St. in Easton, Maryland, at the Westfield Annapolis Mall Farmers Market on Sundays, the Kent Island Farmers Market on Thursdays, or for the next 6 weeks at the Riva Holiday Farmers Market. I also provide wholesale cookies and pizza dough to Hills Drug Store Soda Shop, Kent Island Crab Cake Company, and Tilghman Island Market.”