Dry85 Brings Home The Bacon

Dry85 Menu

The buzz around town about Dry 85 has been undeniable. The bourbon bar opened back in January and features an extensive list of bourbons, whiskeys, scotch, and other specialty beverages. The atmosphere is edgy and on a Saturday night the bar is the happening place to be. Being a girl who can appreciate a nice scotch, I had high hopes for newest addition to Annapolis’s downtown food and drink scene.

Classic MimosaMy first few trips to Dry 85 I must shamefully say I never tried the food. Perhaps I had a little fear that my hopes and expectations would be shattered with false promises of exciting dishes and the inability to execute. The truth is that regardless of atmosphere or drink selection, for me personally it is the food that is the heart and soul of a restaurant and bar.

When I heard that Dry 85 having a Bacon Brunch, I looked at it as my opportunity to possibly try some unique items and lets all be honest.. it is pretty hard to go wrong with almost anything that includes bacon. Upon our arrival we were greeted with a nice selection of cocktails, Bacon and old bay Bloody Mary’s, interesting breakfast themed drinks that included Rum Chata and Fireball, as well as classic brunch staples like mimosas and spiked coffee.

One may think that adding bacon to every dish is very easy, however bacon can easily be an over whelming ingredient or add a smoke taste or extra salt to a dish where it doesn’t belong. Dry85 was Toast Topperable to hit the nail on the head when in came to incorporating bacon into their bacon brunch. As expected on any brunch menu you have the option to go a bit more classic and choose the bacon and eggs, a B.L.T., or French toast. However it is a nice surprise to see some classics with a bacon twist, like pancakes with candied bacon bits. For me though, it was the Toast Topper that sparked my interest. It consists of thick Texas toast topped with bacon, goat cheese, honey and candied walnuts. My curiosity quickly turned to pure satisfaction when the dish arrived and I dug in. All the ingredients came together for the perfect balancing act of salty, sweet, smooth, and crunchy. While so simple the dish really shined and is something I would absolutely go back for. In fact, much like a crush… I have even thought about that dish multiple times since our visit.

Bacon Eggs BenneMr. Annapolis Fork went with the Eggs Benedict which consisted of two perfectly poached eggs (I checked them), on top of fried green tomato, prosciutto, and smothered with a bacon hollandaise. He was very pleased with his dish and I could tell from his clean plate.

Annapolis Fork will absolutely be back to Dry85 for brunch, there is much more on the menu we would like to taste. It is always nice to have new options and a fun take on everyday brunch items. No need to worry for those who are not fond of bacon, there are options on the menu for you, as well as for the little ones. Don’t be shy, next Sunday get out and give them a try. If they can keep proper execution up on their food and stay excited about what they are doing then  I think Dry85 has a promising future in contributing to the Annapolis Food Scene.

Look at their menu, see hours of operation, and get contact information on their website at http://www.dry85.com/ Don’t miss out on this new Annapolis Brunch spot.