Cinco de Mayo Sangria

Happy Cinco de Mayo! In my home Mexican food, margaritas, and sangria are frequent treats. I have a natural knack for turning almost any type of leftovers into a taco or quesadilla. My love for red wine often leads to pairing my Mexican dinners with a tall cold glass of sangria. Like any cocktail it usually takes a little practice before you find the perfect mixture. To celebrate Cinco de Mayo I thought I would share our home’s sangria recipe with you. Enjoy! Keep in mind the wine you use strongly dictates the finished product.

-1 bottle of dry red wine

-1 lime, sliced

-1 orange, sliced

-1 lemon, sliced

-1 crisp apple, sliced

-4oz brandy or rum

-2oz triple sec

-splash of ginger ale

Combine all the fruit, wine, brandy, and triple sec into a pitcher. Serve in a glass over ice and finish with a splash of ginger ale. When I am feeling extra fruity I also add in some strawberries, pear, or whatever other fruit may be in seasonĀ .