Rutabaga Craft Juicery Opens in West Annapolis

Stacey Fink and Jim Heywood  are a vibrant couple and the owners of Rutabaga Craft Juicery. This cute and friendly couple met in London and have been on a culinary journey ever since. They have spent time in places like Australia and New Zealand where they worked at local markets, made wine, and lived off of fresh and seasonal ingredients. Their journey has now led them to Annapolis where they have opened Rutabaga Craft Juicery and hope to share not only fresh, cold pressed juices with our community, but also their 3 core values of living local, organic, and eco-minded.  

Stacey and Jim
Stacey and Jim owners of Rutabaga

Rutabaga is located in the previous location of Annapolis Gourmet & Deli which can be found at the corner of Annapolis Street and Melvin Ave in West Annapolis. The space has been newly renovated and decorated and will operate using as many eco-friendly products and materials as possible.

Rutabaga’s store front

The core menu consists of fresh cold press juices and blended drinks, as well as kombucha and Ceremony coffee on nitro tap. They offer breakfast specialties such as granola bowls and overnight oats with fresh fruit. There will be a daily rotating menu which will include fresh sandwiches and salads. Many of the ingredients and products they use are organic and local. In the near future, they hope to boost take-home offerings with growlers of kombucha and 6 packs of juices that can be custom ordered just for you and your taste.

Juice No. 2

I had an opportunity to meet Jim and Stacey on their opening morning and try a few of their offerings. The menu is reasonably priced and easy to navigate as the drinks are numbered and include taste descriptors such as sweet, tart, zest, and vegetal. Out of the 3 juices I have had so far I am big fan of Juice No. 2, which is also Stacey’s favorite. The pear kombucha on tap is also pretty amazing. While they are still in their opening week I can already tell you I plan to be a repeat customer. They make eating and drinking healthy not only approachable but also flavorful and convenient. I highly encourage you to stop by, show some support, and experience what they have to offer.