About Us


Annapolis resident, marketing professional and self-proclaimed foodie, Cara McKenrick founded Annapolis Fork in April of 2013. Her vision was to create a centralized location were locals could find information on the area’s dining scene.

This blog features guides and expansive write ups on local restaurants, markets, and events but more frequent posts that more specifically highlight Annapolis dishes, food news, and food focused content can be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Reader & Partnership Feedback

“I want to say thank you for writing about Rogue Pierogies! I’d have written to thank you earlier, but I have been so busy making Pierogies, because I got cleaned out last week, because of the publicity from the article. My sales last week nearly doubled. You are obviously running a well read and respected blog.” – Krista Sermon Owner of Rogue Pierogies

“The remainder of the tickets were gone within 2hrs of your post. Can’t thank you enough. ” ~Chef Brian Clampet owner of Scratch Dinners